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Selecting a Divorce Attorney

Selecting a Divorce Attorney

Many of us are ignorant to the legal technicalities of a divorce, that’s why picking a trustworthy and knowledgeable divorce attorney is necessary.  Selecting the attorney who is going to represent you in your divorce is more than just flipping through the yellow pages and picking a name, it is vital to find someone who works best for you and your case.

Finding a lawyer who is experienced in family law or specializes in divorce cases can be made easy through referrals.  Therapists, members of clergy, other lawyers, or business professionals that work with divorce lawyers are all good sources of referrals.  If you have any family members or friends that have undergone a divorce they will also be able to provide you with good insight on what they liked and did not like about working with their attorney and the legal process itself.

Selecting a divorce attorney who can masterfully handle the emotional issues as well as the business issues of your case greatly alleviates the distress of this life-changing event.  Many people choose the first lawyer with which they meet but it is not uncommon to meet with several attorneys before choosing the one that is right for you.  Interviewing lawyers and the amount of time you allocate on the search process all depends on the urgency of your case.  Giving yourself and your spouse time to attempt to reach terms on your own can sometimes be the best solution and eliminates the need for legal representation all together.  Even if you decide to retain a lawyer, cooperation with your spouse will make the process much easier.

When choosing the best-fit attorney for you, you should take the time to put together all the questions you have about the legal process.  How the attorney reacts and answers your questions should help raise any red flags that they aren’t the right choice for you.  Asking questions about their accessibility and availability, pricing and retainer fees, experience in family law, and overall caseload can bring to light a lot of ill-fitted legal matches.

Here are some traits to look for when selecting your attorney:

  • Does he or she to you in plain English and not complicated legal jargon?
  • Do you feel comfortable confining in them? This is very important because you will be required to reveal some very personal information about your life and your marriage
  • If there are children involved, will your attorney put the needs of the kids first and not push unreasonable demands for child support that will complicate the divorce process?
  • And finally, are you able to afford the attorney fees? Having a affordable attorney can help with regaining normalcy in your daily life after the divorce.

Once you have made your choice of representation, the attorney will have been someone that is local, qualified, knowledgeable, and a good communicator.  They will be someone that you find trustworthy and holds the same moral beliefs on divorce as you do.  Most of all, they will be someone who listens to what you want, gives sound advice, and does what is best for you.

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